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3rd Gen Dodge Cummins Fabricated Motor Mounts

I'm not saying that Dodge had a crappy motor mount...but folks that compete with their trucks NEED something a little better than Dodge provided!  This semi-rigid motor mount incorporates a polyurethane bushing that is resilient to oil degradation and excessive tortional movement.  This motor mount can be used on the street, but be fore'll feel that motor mount MORE than Dodge had intended.  Precision cut from 1/4" hot rolled mild steel and expertly TIG welded in house!  To put it bluntly, fellas...if you hurt this motor mount?  You've got WAAAAAAAY bigger problems than a busted motor mount!  In fact....if you DO break this motor mount?  We'll eat our raGGED and worn through steel-toed boots.  For real.

High quality polyurethane bushings!
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Precision fit and expertly welded!
Compare our quality to the OEM part on right.
Replaces the OEM part on the right.